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Electrolyte Platform

BSR Biotech

Jokoh Electrolyte Analyzer (Ex-D/Ex-Ds)

Jokoh Electrolyte Analyzer need no introduction. Jokoh Ex-D/Ex-Ds are well recognized in market for the quality results, robust machine design and manufacturing, Long life and maintenance free electrodes. All component of Jokoh electrolyte analyzer including reagents are manufactured in its state of art manufacturing facility in Tokyo Japan. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • Measuring Parameter: Na+, K+, Cl-
  • Measurement speed: 300 test/hour or 100 sample/hour
  • Measurement sample: whole blood, serum, plasma, diluted urine
  • Very accurate result with CV.<= 0.5%
  • Newly Developed highly sensitive maintenance free electrode requires single calibration in 24 hours
  • Very Economical reagent pack in Aluminum pack
  • Autoloader and Non-Autoloader both option available
  • Inbuilt thermal printer

BSR Products

Jokoh is a well-known name in electrolyte analyzer market segment. Jokoh has contributed to advances in healthcare over a history spanning 70 years. Jokoh’s main business is the research, development, production and sale of medical apparatus, medical consumables and invitro diagnostic kits. Jokoh the first company in the world to incorporate a dialysis fluid measurement mode into electrolyte analyzers, which we produce ourselves, and we provide electrolyte analyzers which also serve as analyzers for concentration of dialysis fluid.

Their aim is to work with partner institutions to improve the management of concentration of dialysis fluid through the use of analyzers for concentration of dialysis fluid. Jokoh started its first branch in Tokyo and has established an extensive sales network, with around 20 branches and sales offices throughout Japan. Jokoh also market their product in approximately 40 countries worldwide.

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