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Covid 19

Covid 19

In our lifetime Covid 19 brought us a crisis which we couldn’t think and dream about. The Covid 19 Pandemic led to dramatic loss of life across the globe and unprecedented challenge to Public health, and world economics. Now the world is moving towards new normal but the fear it created in the beginning was unimaginable.

During those tough time as well B.S.R. Biotech offered uninterrupted service support, continued reagents and logistic supply by observing all the public health protocol. In those difficult time we also we maintained our service commitment of “Smoothly running your laboratory 24*7”.

We are committed to fighting the pandemic through our excellent service and bringing our excellent Covid-19 diagnostic solutions:


Finecare FIA Meter
Finecare FIA Meter Plus
Finecare FIA Meter III Plus

Other Products

D-Dimmer, PCT, CRP, IL-6, Ferritin

Blood Gas Analyzer

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