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BSR Biotech

Semi-Automated Coagulation Analyzer

LABiTec® has four models of semi-automated coagulation analyzer. CoaData 504+ is a single channel, CoaData 2004 is two channel, and CoaData 4004 is four channels semi-Automated coagulation analyzer. These analyzer combines the latest Photo-mechanic Principle for fast and accurate determination of coagulation, chromogenic and immunturbidimetric assays. Compact in size, easy to operate, these analyzers are the ideal partner for the small laboratory and medium medical practices and intensive care.

CoaData series is the consistent continuing development of the existing turbodensitometric measuring principle. This unique measuring system combines a high-resolution photometer unit with the mechanical stirring of the test batch and ensures a precise and reliable determination of results over the entire coagulation spectrum. KEY FEATURES AND BENEFITS

  • LED Photometer (photo-mechanic)
  • More insensitive to interferences from hemolysis, icteric and lipemic (HIL) samples
  • Advanced coagulation diagnostics (coagulation, chromogenic and immunological methods) by selectable wavelengths for each measurement channel
  • Magnetic stir bar for homogenizing the test approach and increase of sensitivity
  • Ambient light compensation
  • Large measuring range with higher accuracy and precision compared to only optical detecting principles
  • Plasma Samples
  • Micro volume: 150µl test volume
  • Open System, reagent parameter free editable
  • 15 programmable test positions
  • Automated calculation of seconds, INR, %, g/l, mg/dl, Ratio, mE, ng/dl 2 editable calibration-/reference curves (9 points)

PT (Seconds, %, INR)
aPTT (Seconds, RATIO)
Fibrinogen according to Clauss (mg/dl, g/l)
Thrombin Time (Seconds)
Batroxobin Time (Seconds)

Extrinsic Factors II, V, VII und X (PT based)
Intrinsic Factors VIII, IX, XI und XII (aPTT based)


Protein C (Clotting Test)
Protein S (Clotting Test)
Factor V Leiden

Protein C (Chromogenic)
Protein S (Chromogenic)
Anti-Thrombin III


BSR Products

LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH in short LABiTec® have been providing market oriented and high-quality diagnostic solutions for efficient and reliable diagnostics for more than 30 years. Today LABiTec® is one of the world´s most recognized providers in in-vitro diagnostics with a focus on hemostasis and platelet function diagnostics.

LABiTec® has extensive production sites and is known as a holistic provider in this critical area of in-vitro diagnostics. Intensive business relationships with specialized production partners and our understanding of compliance and improvement of quality management ensures a continuous, high-quality manufacturing of our product range – “Made in Germany”.

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